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At Ghost Explorers, we feel it's important to provide investigative reports to the public and to other paranormal groups for the fact of sharing information when available. Our main purpose though is to provide this information to our future clients(when possible) so that they can see that they are not alone and that there are others who are experienceing the same unforseen things in there home and business as others are. By reading our reports, we hope you also will come forth.



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Rios Caledonia Adobe

San Miguel California Nov 12, 2011

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Rios Caledonia Adobe San Miguel California, November 12, 2011 5:48pm-12:00am. The Rios Caledonia Adobe is a beautiful piece of California history, when you walk in you feel the energy of the people past and present that walked through those doors. Ghost Explorers had the opportunity of investigating this location. Setting up our arsenal of 7 cameras, and five recorders and usual measuring equipment, Anthony and I conducted our investigation.

A total of six hours, with Joyce, Daryl and Ron, friends of the Adobe present, we had some issues with the noise of Highway 101 in our audio, but overall felt the investigation was a success. We were able to hear with our own ears some voices, which is unusual. The adobe seems to be quite alive with its past. We had both audio and video captures. You can hear some of the electronic voice phenomenon or EVP's as well as video finds are posted on the audio/video portion of our website.

Is it haunted?

In conclusion, is the adobe haunted? While we can't say for sure, there seems to be some type of activity there. We caught both residual voices, meaning the voices or sounds heard could just be replays of past events. We also captured, for example, knocks - which seemed to be responding to our queries, which indicates intelligence. The video evidence, while not conclusive, gives us reason to feel something of paranormal nature exists there.

Anthony and Lydia Guzman - Ghost Explorers

Boyd Gate House

San Rafael California Sept 16, 2011

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We commenced set up at 5:03 pm. The set up consisted of four DVR/Infrared cameras, a handheld night vision camera on a tripod.Cameras were set up in the following areas: The IJ Room, The now & then room, The directors room, The programmers room & The second floor stairway. We had a total of 6 digital voice recorders in use one with each camera and one held in sessions.We used the mel-meter to measure electromagnetic fields and temperature fluctuations as well as a ghost-o-meter and K2 meter, which essentially are different kinds of tools to measure the changes in the environment, especially electrical magnetic fields. We also utilized a hand held IR still picture camera.

The investigation began at 6:05 PM. Present were investigators Anthony, Lydia and Barak, as well as staff of The Marin Historical Museum, Michelle, Holly and Jenny.

A group of three started with an investigation in the first floor theater. There were no cameras used in this session, just the K2 meter and a voice recorder. Barak led the majority of the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. There were numerous noises in the room such as knocks and even some unidentified noises, which all heard. The K2 meter was registering. This lasted a few minutes. Some bursts of lights were apparent on the meter. Whether it was of an electronic nature or in response to our questions is unknown. At approximately at 7pm there was some noise contamination until 10pm with a live band that was performing at Maple Leaf. This was noted on the audio.

The second floor rooms of the house were the next on the list. We did several sessions in 15-30 minute sessions. We rotated around the room; however there were no events of noteworthy nature during these sessions. It was pretty quiet with the exception of the band and car noise. Our investigation moved onto the third floor. Barak, Lydia and Michelle started an EVP session beginning in the second room to the right of the stairs, but the most interesting event of the evening would be in the director’s office. We had set up an IR camera on a tripod, so not only did we have audio, but also video of an unusual event of the evening. All three of us were sitting in the office around the desk. The majority of the questions were addressed to a child who someone had seen at one time. We had many EVP’s in every room, we had sounds of breaths, a male voice, a woman singing. One of the most compelling clips of audio and video is a child-like voice that is heard as it happens on the third floor, caught both on our audio recorders and video camera audio. Is it haunted? We can’t say for sure, but there possibly are some memories playing themselves out here. Singing, talking and making themselves heard. Thank you for allowing us to investigate the Boyd Gate House.It is truly a beautiful piece of history

Casa Grande

San Jose California August 15, 2011

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Casa Grande is a beautiful three level home, once a the Almaden Quicksilver Mines manager’s abode, it now serves as a memory to those times, as well as museum to the mines themselves, and the cinnabar pulled from within. The investigation was a small window of 5 hours. We were very lucky to have two docents Chris and Mary join us and stay with us during the event. Some of the claims are sightings of three different apparitions, a red headed child, a woman and a man.

Investigation commenced at 8:15pm, Ghost Explorers team set up three IR cameras to cover the following: The stairwell, the piano room and the museum. No video evidence was captured. A total of 7 digital voice recorders were used. Four were placed as follows: One by the camera in the museum. One on the piano in the right side parlor, one on the stairway landing, and one in the basement by the fireplace. The other two were held and traveled with two of the investigators.

The team began EVP session Barak, John, Mary and Chris went into the basement, Jenny and Lydia in the front parlor. Anthony was watching the DVR or digital video recorder in the gift shop. Findings: The findings are all EVP’s or electronic voice phenomena could not be heard during the investigation, but could be heard upon recorder playback. Some notable EVP’s captured. An EVP where investigators Anthony and Barak speak in passing about doing an EVP session on the stairs, Barak’s recorder picks up a male voice saying what sounds like “I’m right here.” In the basement a male voice is picked up by the fireplace, while the team is still in the middle rooms. To us it sounds almost like a male singing “Nah..Na” another recording was captured on the stairs while investigators Jenny and Lydia asked questions in the front room parlor. We really felt the past of Casa Grande and all that walked through her halls. Thank you for the opportunity to investigate, we hope to come back again one day.

Private Home

Fremont, California July 3, 2011

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This private residence, based in the north side of Fremont was the center of our investigation. The homeowners claims included a feeling of being watched. Activity seems to center in the archway of the hallway leading to the kitchen and front room. There have been some apparitions seen such as a face of an older man being seen outside in the yard. Corner of the eye sightings, and shadow people in the master bedroom. The granddaughter (5 yrs) will not stay in the home at night, reason being, she is aware of the spirits present. Most recent experience was by the Husband, who had an unseen enter the bedroom at night, hearing the door open and close, followed by a sound of something crawling on the floor by the foot of the bed

We conducted interview with husband and wife. During the interview, while sitting in the front room that the wife noticed investigator Jenny was very pale. Jenny responded by saying she was very cold and moved to the center between Anthony and I. Very shortly afterward her coloring came back and she did not feel the cold any longer. Investigator Lydia was also noticing a tingling sensation on her left arm, and also observed a cobweb sensation on her face, and no cobwebs were found.

The investigation began at 1:16am Jenny and Lydia commenced EVP in the front room, sitting on each of the sofas. The environment was pretty quiet; audio was picking up the snoring of sleeping occupants as well as some refrigerator droning and street noise. (The home is near the freeway) The evp session begins, and no audible voices or noises are heard. At about fifteen minutes in Jenny has to leave the room, stating she felt dizzy, attributing it to the entities she felt were present. Lydia continues and then about a minute later Anthony enters the room to replace Jenny. Lydia switches out for the wife of the household to join Anthony in the front room. The session ends uneventful and Lydia and Jenny attempt a session while sitting on the floor of the entryway. About ten minutes in Jenny has to leave again, once again feeling dizzy and cold. Lydia continues without her. No unusual events occur.

Close to 3am the DVR system stopped recording. This was a split second and it began recording again. In review this was not caught on the video for some reason. Soon after that, the team all witnessed the camera moving downward on screen. This was the kitchen camera facing the hall. Upon review, this too could not be located on the video. All three investigators commented and witnessed the same thing while viewing the live recording. This was odd.

The investigation wrapped at approximately 3:30am and equipment was packed up and the team left. To sum it all up, it was a pretty quiet night. The wife even commented during the sessions that it was unusually quiet. We took that into consideration and began review of footage, both audio and video. In the video footage, nothing was caught. This is not uncommon. One of the hardest types of phenomenon to capture is on video. On the other hand, it wasnt as quiet as we thought that night. The EVP's captured that night can be heard on our Audio and Video tab on this site. The evidence was presented to the family who couldn't account for the voices, they were quite amazed. Some of the family members did mention the voices did sound familiar, as they had heard them before in the house. We left the family with a resource to help move on the the spirits and hopefully quiet down the activity.-

Sam's Castle

Pacifica California July 3, 2010

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The Ghost Explorers team consisted of Anthony, Lydia, Barak, Jenny and Marcos. Also present were Kathleen and Jeanette from the Pacifica HistoricalSociety and Jean from the Pacifica Tribune. There are no pets in the building. The moon was Last Quarter. Weather was clear with some light fog rolling in. The team discovered that there were some local fireworks being set off once it got dark, around 9:15, but these noises had finished by 10:30. However, any knocks, bumps or whistles that happened before 10:30 must be discounted. As an amusing aside, each team independently thought they were getting reactions to Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) work until we realized there were fireworks exploding nearby. After the initial meeting everyone was briefed on the history of the building by Kathleen and Jeanette. We heard about the families and individuals that had lived there and the various stages in the building’s history (residence, speakeasy, brothel, abortion clinic, National Guard barracks).

The team then set up the DVR cameras and simultaneously did a baseline electro-magnetic field (EMF) sweep. After the cameras were set up the voice recorders went on at 9:22 PM. We started off with one team, Barak and Jean, doing EVP work in the religion and gun room. Another team, Anthony and Jeanette, did EVP work in the downstairs ballroom then moving into the kitchen. The third team, Lydia, Jenny and Kathleen did EVP work in the throne room. Marco was stationed at the DVR monitor in the office. These teams traded off at various times and also did EVP work in the Oriental/music room, dining room and upstairs bedroom. At one point Anthony and Barak also went on the roof to do EVP work in 3 of the 4 “turret” rooms. We could not gain access to the 4th turret room. With the exception of the items noted in the Personal Experiences section below, the night was uneventful. The building seemed surprisingly free of the usual creaks and groans almost always present in older buildings. The team began packing equipment up at 2:00 AM.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon – There were 3 events that might be EVPs: 1) In the kitchen, Barak caught what might be 2 giggle-like noises. The first sounds male and the second sounds female. Barak was alone in the kitchen and there was no other recorder in the room. This was approx. 11:03 PM. However, a review of other recordings at this time reveal that the investigators in the throne room above the kitchen had been laughing at around this time, so we will have to disregard this EVP due to possible cross-contamination. 2) The recorder by the camera on the stairs and facing into the dining room caught 2 male voices. A review of the video and other recordings show that no one was near. This was around 11:33 PM. 3) In the first turret room, Barak noted feeling something on the top of his head and asked the entity to repeat the action so he could be sure it wasn’t just a spider. In the absence of any further activity, Barak said that it must have been a bug or something, and there was a very faint whisper-like noise in response to that. It’s right before Anthony speaks, so it might be an intake of breath. The noise was caught on Barak’s recorder, but not Anthony’s. There were other noises that sounded as if Anthony’s recorder was being picked up at that time. This was approx. 12:55 AM. Investigation Report, Sam's Castle – page 4 4) In the third turret room there is a sigh or breath-like noise in response to Anthony’s question, “Was this a lookout tower. The “breath” was caught on both recorders. This was approximately 1:22 AM.

Conclusion As detailed in the section above on EMF readings, there is a reason that visitors to Sam’s Castle may feel strange or uneasy upon entering the building. However, as far as actual paranormal activity is concerned, the most compelling finds are from the EVPs that cannot be otherwise explained or debunked.

The Farmer Restaurant (formerly Pleasanton Hotel) Pleasanton

California - June 30, 2009

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The investigation began at around 10 pm that evening. We split into teams of two while one investigator monitored the cameras. Two investigators went upstairs and two went into the kitchen area. The evening seemed very quiet except for the appliance noise in the kitchen. Most appliances were still running and there was a huge breaker box immediately off to the left of the kitchen. This posed huge amounts of electromagnetic fields. All of the investigators agreed the kitchen had an unusual feel to it. We pretty much credited the EMF's to this feeling.

Upstairs: Two investigators - cameras placed at beginning of entrance facing down hall. Other cam is placed at entrance to balcony, facing down hall - both cams have audio recorders under them. The first capture starts shortly after the upstairs recorder is set up. The investigator leaves, and in less than two minutes we hear the sound an opening door No one is upstairs at this time. Our two female investigators enter five minutes later began an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session, asking simple questions to evoke response. The upstairs did have quite a bit of external noise stemming from the traffic outside, as well as the businesses across the street. We were easily able to differentiate the outside noises. Our sessions did pick up a few prime EVP's. An investigator begins to speak and describes what the recorder in the room saying, "The box will pick up your voice and you can say what you need to say to us." This gets a sharp "NO" possibly Asian? Our investigators move to the first open office on the right and continue the session. In the hall the recorder close to the balcony, a female sigh is heard. Remember, our investigators are not in the hall at this time. The sigh is neither investigator and is very close to the recorder judging by the volume. Also at this time a whisper, possible male sigh is heard. We also hear a whisper close to the recorder. The investigators come back to the hall and ask "Knock on the wall really loud" which gets a sharp response. Next EVP was caught on the handheld cameras video and audio. The investigator is commenting on how they keep hearing knocking to their right as they sit at the cross of the hall. You can hear the taps and then two respective knocks as the investigator requests. Our male investigators took a shot at the upstairs and request for them to knock. The investigator then asks "Are you still in here with us?" To which a voice responds: "I'm here" Follows with an inaudible response and then our EMF detector begins to alarm - was this someone making contact?

Bar area: Camera in left hand corner at back of dance floor facing bar - recorder below cam: we caught some voices not our own, the first starts while the investigators are talking, in the middle of the conversation we hear a voice ask: "Are you free?" The weirdest EVP goes to this exclamation made, when all investigators were not present. The area is empty at this point. Another two clips capture male voices asking "Why?"

Kitchen: Camera placed at back entrance side of kitchen, facing the freezer with IR Strobe - recorder beside cam: As I mentioned before, the kitchen was quite noisy. One investigator couldn't hear it at the time, but he got a very clear response to his question. "Are you female, and are you in this room, yes or no?" A clear response "Yes" It doesn't really sound female, but how would you sound without vocal chords? the next is a video and audio clip from a handheld cam where two investigators are asking if anyone is in the room with them. You can hear additional breathy voices in the middle of the conversation. "Go ahead" is a breathy EVP caught when two investigators are asking it to make contact.

Overall this was a total of 15 EVP's, some which we're intelligent in nature, as they responded to questions posed. The rest, such as the sighs and in audible noises could be attributed to residual energies left behind in the building. We have come to the conclusion there are things here we could not explain away. Some ghosts of the past are still here, apparently.

Point Sur Lighthouse, California

August 30th 2009

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Perched on a huge volcanic rock on the shores of Big Sur is the Point Sur Light Station. This looming landmark was built in 1887. We were about to scale it and set up our investigation. It doesn't have a looming history of deaths or Light keeps gone mad, but it does offer an intense taste of what it was like to live on the rock, isolated from town.

We arrived shortly before sunset, and the wind was already proving to be an enemy. As the night progressed, it became more and more like a freight train. Five investigators total, we unpacked our equipment and began set up. We set up our base on the first floor of the Assistant Light Keepers Quarters or "Triplex"as it known. At one time up to three families lived in these quarters, sometimes single men. Small quarters divided into three small apartments. These were very small rooms on the third level and you really got a cramped feeling here. We set up a camera in the triplex on the third level placed a digital audio recorder with this camera as well as one in the second level. Some of the claims in this building range from coughing heard to footsteps.

The next location would be across the yard to the main light keeper's quarters. This was a two story building. We set up three cameras total in this location, two on the first floor, and one on the second floor. In this building some of the claims were that of footsteps going up and down the stairwell, as well as wood pieces that would move from one room to another on their own volition on a daily basis. Audio recorders were placed downstairs by the kitchen area as well in the family room on the mantle. One was placed upstairs in the room to the left as you came upstairs. At approx 9:36 pm we began our first EVP session in the main light keepers house. Four investigators conducted the session, there were some moments when downstairs in the front room we heard voices. When we went upstairs we could hear what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. On the audio in the MLKQ proved to be quite interesting, first capturing a male voice when no one was present in the house, as well as an recording of the footsteps on the stairs and downstairs as the team did a session upstairs. The investigators even remarked they could hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. One EMF detector that went off in the kitchen area downstairs even had an accompanying "yeah"after the alarm. Unfortunately on the video side of things, our cameras were not operating correctly. The second story camera had all power turned to the off position, and when we did a checked turned them on, but then the IR lights were not working correctly. The two downstairs cameras did work, yet nothing was captured.

Two investigators did go to the lighthouse "fog room"to do an EVP session. The investigators used only audio capture, carrying two recorders. What was caught was one male voice saying "Get out"This was captured on both recorders. Also a response to a question asked was answered with a male "Yes."

Lastly the triplex proved to be interesting. Investigators that went to the third floor of the triplex did feel uneasy there. EMF sweep proved to have hits that could not be explained. Some activity proved to be centered on a particular investigator, who when he had the Tri-field showed extreme jumps at questions. Quite a bit of drafts did make us uneasy when on the third level. There was audio picked up at this time with a child like voice as well as female voices. Two audio recorders placed on the second level of the triplex failed into two hours of recording. They turned off on their own. A female voice exclaimed "I'm freezing here"and a simple "can you communicate with us was followed with a hushed female answer of "Yes." All in all the triplex was very interesting. It had that "feel." The evidence was mainly audio. With over a dozen EVP's we are convinced that someone is still there in those empty rooms. All you have to do is listen.

We began wrap up at 2:30 am. Tired and wind still blowing as well as fog thick as pea soup. We made our way down the rock. This place was amazing. We really are so appreciative to have been given the opportunity to investigate this true treasure. The light station is in the midst of renovation, however you can still tour it, and they even do ghost tours and day tours. It is a wonderful piece of history, and it shows the dedication of these men and their families to light the way to many a traveler on the high seas. Visit: for more information.

Lydia Robles, Co-founder, Lead Investigator - Ghost Explorers.

Oak Knoll Cemetery, Livermore California

May 10, 2009

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When we pass away, and our last rights and wishes are carried out, we believe our physical bodies will be laid to rest. Perhaps in a grave yard on the top of a hill, with our families close by. To respectfully let the body decay down into the earth as most do. After you are buried, and time passes - your monument gets forgotten or vandalized - what does that do to a person's spirit? When we see burial sites in disarray, we frown and are upset that it could happen. When it does, do those inhabitants protest? Bayside decided to find out.

Anthony and I decided to take a climb up a small hillside in Livermore. We had heard legend that the grounds were haunted. No specific stories, but we learned that over a hundred years ago, the hillside was known as Oak Knoll Pioneer Cemetery. To our astonishment, our research confirmed this. On the hillside, surrounded by beautiful trees, once was a graveyard. The occupants were interred and over time and with lack of support and funding, fell to ruin. Forgotten, the place was now a rundown park, where locals litter and some jog the trails, not even realizing they are treading on the dead. Not a headstone, marker or fence in sight. The families of the graves contacted, and given an option to disinter, but many remained and to this day still rest on the hill, locals call "boot hill."

One evening we ventured up. Separated to each side of the graveyard and began an impromptu EVP session. Upon review of our audio evidence, we encountered a very clear request of a female saying "Get Out"followed by a distinct growling - not demonic - but more as in frustration. This was it. This gave us what we needed. Let's pull a team and investigate.

We were not keen on the idea of investigating outdoors, for obvious reasons. Most obvious is the random noise. Surrounded by homes and major streets - it would prove to be a challenge. On Mother's day May 2009 we began our quest at sundown. A team of seven investigators hiked the hillside and did EVP sessions and used digital photography to investigate the hill.

What came out of it was a total of four clear EVP's. A response to the question, "Can you tell us your name?" To which a voice answers "Myrtle"Or "Victor"A clear voice of a male saying "Hey" when only females were present. One EVP called the name of a member of the team. The last was a mysterious male voice speaking when only females were present. The last hours of the investigation proved to be interesting when I and another investigator were able to get significant temperature drops one going as low as 28 degrees in 56 degree average nighttime temps. We were really experiencing some activity and it was apparent we were being observed by someone coming close and then pulling back. These seemed to coincide with the increases and decreases in temperature. The night weather was pretty calm, overall. So these events really were amazing.

It certainly seems that various entities are still present at oak knoll. Are they the inhabitants whom are forgotten? Why do they remain? The lack of respect for a final resting place comes to mind. Finding their grave early in some cases, many children in that graveyard. Are they the ones making contact with the living? No one knows. We can tell you, there is someone up there. They are tired of being forgotten.