"Ghost Explorers mission is to advise and assist the client in a respectful and professional manner. To ascertain and research existing claims of paranormal phenomena, while responding to the need for privacy of a home or business.

We at Ghost Explorers know that the client comes first. The services provided will be free of charge, and performed with the utmost integrity. Ghost Explorers uses a technology driven approach to investigation, remaining open minded to all aspects of the paranormal.

We truly believe that through trust and respect we can provide the client with peace of mind. To arm the client with the knowledge to help them understand the phenomenon they are experiencing and how to best approach it."

Welcome to our visitors-

Welcome to Ghost Explorers website. We are a small paranormal team of experienced individuals specializing in the research and investigation of paranormal activity.

Our main goal is to provide resources and support to those who have experienced unexplainable events in their residence or business. We Do Not charge for our investigations, its something we do as a service to the community and because we love what we do.

We provide an open approach to our investigations, utilizing tools and research in our process to provide clear and balanced evidence to our clients. We strive to arm them with the information to help them understand the phenomena they are experiencing.

We do not use psychics or hold seances of any kind during our investigations. Our primary evidence that we present to our clients consists of definable audio, video and still pictures.

All investigations are strictly kept confidential unless where written permission is granted to publish events. Locations regarding private homes are never disclosed with or without permission.You have enough anxiety as it is. We dont need to worry you with privacy issues.

Founder >Anthony G.

This picture was taken at night looking down the sidewalk. The camera used was a Canon SD1000 with flash. As you can see by this picture, we captured a whole slew of orbs in this photo. This was just one of many taken that night.

Now a lot of people would be excited to see so many orbs in the photo, why not? the place we visited is known to have paranormal activity.

It makes sense to have captured these- or does it?

The orb is representing the soul of a departed person once living. They are seen virtually in almost all pictures that anyone ever takes. Many people believe that orbs are the closest thing to full body manifestation. Manifestation being the holy grail of ghost hunting for capture.

The environment that this photo was taken in was not in the best conditions. The sidewalks were made of wood and on this day it just happend to be Old Town Day- meaning that it was a throw back to the 1800's and the paved streets were now coverd with two inches of dirt. Just like the old western days.

So with all that dirt kicking up everywhere in the air and wind blowing, you can see in the picture why we captured so many DUST particles in the photo.

Also, you have to remember that your mind will tend to over analyze when staring at something over a period of time. So what you think you see, might just be your mind playing tricks on you.

So what should you do if you have signs of possible paranormal activity? First thing you should do is start documenting the times and places in your home or business that they occur. Write down everything you see and or hear.

Also make note to what you are doing at these times so that a possible pattern can be established. We know from experience that there is not set times for this experience to occur. They wil happen when and where the entity wants them to. Thats why its important to keep a log. This log will become valuable to a paranormal team if you ever decide to have your home or business investigated.

In the paranormal world there are different kinds of hauntings. These hauntings range from the harmless residual to the ever throwing poltegiest and the evil entity that resides. Now most hauntings are of the residual types that are just merely a recording of an event that has long past for whatever reason. The same event will play over and over. You can not intervene or distrupt the event. It is implanted like a footprint in time.

The last two are rare but, they do happen. It most cases these are the types that will require help from a priest or some sort holy counselor. It is a long and drawn out intervention. Not one that will be gone in a day.

Did You Know

Here at Ghost Explorers we feel we can get the best results and present them to you the client by recording evidence with audio and video equipment. All evidence of audio recordings (EVP's) are either class A or near class A.

If we cant understand it, then it's not worth presenting to you. All video is analyzed in regular playback. No fast forward. We dont want to miss anything.

Things you
should know-

  • Never be afraid or embarrassed to seek help.
  • Your not alone, others like yourself are having the same experience.
  • An investigation can give you peace of mind.
  • Understanding is the first step to resolution.
  • Things are not always as they seem.

Wise words

  • "Fear of the unknown is just a temporary illusion of the mind"